Display Playstation Network (PSN) Public Trophies on your Drupal 8 site

playstation network

I've been recently searching for a Drupal 8 module that can integrate and display my Playstation profile but I can't find one. So, I created one.

Feel free to use it on your own Drupal 8 sites. Here's how:

Manual Download

  1. Download the Drupal 8 module https://www.drupal.org/project/psn_public_trophies and put inside your project's module folder.
  2. Run 
    composer require vhin0210/php-psnpublictrophies

    from your project's root folder.

Download using Composer

  1. Run 
    composer require drupal/psn_public_trophies

    from your project's root folder.

Install the module by either:

  • Using the admin page
  • Drush command 
    drush en psn_public_trophies


Connect to PSN

NOTE: Make sure your PSN account 2-Step Verification is enabled.

  1. Go to Configuration > PSN Public Trophies Settings
  2. Enter your PSN ID and Password and hit "Save Configuration"
  3. Get Ticket UUID and Verification Code
    1. Click the Get Ticket UUID link - This will open the PSN login form in a new tab. Login on the form.
    2. When successful login, it will redirect you to enter the verification code sent by SMS. Do not enter the verification code in this PSN form. Copy the whole URL of the verify form/page and paste it in the "Ticket UUID URL" field.
    3. Enter the verification code that you get in the "Verification Code" field.
    4. Click the "Connect" button

Add the Block

  • Look for "PSN Public Trophies Profile Block".


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